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2 TI-MÔ-THÊ - Câu Kinh Thánh học bằng câu thơ

Soldaten van Jezus Christus
Soldaten van Jezus Christus

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2 Ti-mô-thê 1 Sự kiên trì

Verses 1-2, see 1 Timothy 1:1-2

Verses 3-5 In spite of the fact that Paul is in a dark dungeon in Rome and may be waiting for a fight upon death of lions, he continues to thank God. He is far from complaining as many people in the same situation will do. He continues to thank and to intercede.
With fathers we can think of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Daniel and all who showed their faith in the Old Testament. They all believed in the resurrection after death. They looked ahead to the coming of the Messiah.
He serves his Lord Jesus Christ as a servant and Sermones the true gospel and resurrection with a clear conscience. Even chained to a soldier in the dungeon. Even in prison, he does not stop Sermoning the gospel. There as a servant he continues to pray day and night for Timothy and all members of the congregations he founded in Asia.
Possibly at Paul's farewell, Timothy had wept bitterly about his separation from the person who considered him a child. Paul longed to see him again as comfort in the dark dungeon.
In Acts 16: 1, Timothy is called the son of a believing Jewish woman. Here Paul gives the name of his mother Eunice and also mentions the name of his grandmother Lois. Both women were Jews and, like the fathers, had a believable Jewish faith and probably came to faith in Jesus through the Sermoning of Paul as a fulfillment of the Messianic promise.

Verses 6-7 Through the laying on of hands of Paul at the blessing of Timothy, the gifts of Paul were transferred to Timothy. It was up to Timothy to use these gifts and use them in the harsh circumstances of Ephesus attacks by the false teachers and possibly the persecution of Christians by the Romans had already begun. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that the believer guards against a spirit of timidity and to proclaim the gospel with full power. A power of love to love the neighbour and the enemy and to Sermon the gospel with wisdom and to proclaim and teach God's Word.
If a believer fears more the power of satan (spirit of timidity) and relies less on the power of God, then this believer is lost.

Verses 8-10 Timothy need not be ashamed. Jesus died on the cross as a Servant. Paul is tied to a Roman soldier in the dark dungeon. He has to persevere, just as Jesus persisted to death on the cross, as Paul perseveres in Sermoning the gospel in prison. He must persist in the difficult circumstances at Ephesus and continue to Sermon the gospel. The Holy Spirit is his power.
It is Jesus who has saved us (Paul, Lois, Eunice, Timothy, every worker of Jesus, every believer), has redeemed us from sin and gives us eternal life. It is a Holy Call of God to believe in the work of Jesus Christ. It is not the work of us (fulfilling and maintaining the law), but the work of Jesus Christ. It is God's grace over man's powerlessness over sin.
It was the intention already before the creation of the earth (Beginning of Genesis 1: 1) that Jesus should die for the sins of man. That was given to man after the fall. And revealed during the four centuries of creation until the birth of Jesus. And the two centuries from the birth of Jesus to the present. What grace will last for eternal times after the believer's death and resurrection in Jesus Christ.
Our Saviour Jesus Christ is shown in the flesh as a human being after four centuries of promise to the world. He died AND rose from the dead. The temptation by satan and the fall brought the death of man to creation. And man became a child of satan. With His death and resurrection, Jesus Christ put an end to the power of satan for anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as his or her Saviour. An end to the power of death (separated from God and a punishment in the lake of fire). An end to the fact that the God's Spirit has been taken away from man and therefore unable to communicate with God. Everyone who comes to faith immediately receives the Holy Spirit to be able to communicate with God again (to understand the Bible and through prayer). By faith the believer will receive immortality (endless, eternal) life. This good news has been brought to light through the gospel Sermoning.

Verse 11 Paul was personally appointed by Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus as gospel Sermoner, apostle (replacing the apostle traitor Judas) and teacher. First the proclamation of the good news. But that is not all, the believer must grow from the milk to the solid food. The growth of being a child from redemption through the blood of Jesus to the sonship of priestly kingship under full life and control of the Holy Spirit. To belong to the wise virgins who go with Christ's first Coming to Heaven and to participate in the Wedding of the Lamb in Heaven. A teaching of the holy Christian life with its values ​​and norms. An education of what the Will of God is for the Christian.

Verse 12 As a result of this appointment as an apostle, Paul endures all his suffering (hunger and thirst, shipwreck, forty-one-one strokes, persecutions, prison). He is not ashamed of that. The outsider may scorn him, look down on him, consider him a fool. But Paul's confidence in his Lord is what he puts his trust in. He knows that his Lord can redeem him. Daniel was released from the lion's den. Paul knows that his Lord can deliver him from death of the fight with the lions. That is why he persists until that day of his death.

Verse 13 So do not be afraid, you have me as an example. Persists in the sound doctrine of the gospel Sermoning and teaching. Do not be ashamed to be attacked by the false teachers at Ephesus. You have received my teaching, you have come to faith and you have been appointed by me as a Sermoner and teacher. Do not allow (because of your youthful age of about 35 years) that one look down upon. You have received my authority. Show your love for men in Christ Jesus.

Verse 14 He has to persist in the true gospel, the pure teaching given to Timothy by Paul. No acceptance of false teaching, no modification in the slightest form. To keep pure by the power of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in Paul, in him, in every believer.

Verse 15 Church members in Asia were ashamed of Paul in prison. Among others Philetus and Hymenaeus, these two called by names, are false teachers who pervert God's Word, see 1 Tim 2:17.

Verse 16 Onesiphorus was the individual (from Ephesus?) who had often visited Paul in prison and was not ashamed that Paul was chained to a Roman soldier. His visits had made life less difficult to Paul. Paul is praying that the Lord will show mercy to the house of Onesiphorus. Why? Possibly his family in Ephesus was concerned about these visits in prison. Possibly because this was not without danger of his own life. We know nothing about Paul's rights in prison, but Christians were persecuted.

Verse 17 Why had Onesiphorus eagerly sought Paul upon his arrival in Rome? There can be various reasons.
a. He had never been to Rome before and unfamiliar with the city.
b. Rome was partly destroyed by the great fire, which caused confusion.
c. For some time, the whereabouts of Paul was unknown to the believers in Rome.
d. The number of believers in Rome was greatly reduced by the persecutions of Nero.
Onesiphorus had not given up and finally found Paul after a search. As there were persecutions, he may have had to make efforts to gain access to Paul. No wonder Paul gives him praise and asks for mercy for his family at Ephesus.

Verse 18 Timothy knows Onesiphorus very well because of the good services he has done and shown in Ephesus. Onesiphorus was known for its good service in Ephesus, where Timothy lived.

2 Ti-mô-thê 2 Những người lính cho Chúa Giê-su Christ

Soldiers for Jesus ChristVerses 1-2 Paul writes this letter to his son in Jesus Christ, Timothy. Timothy accepted Jesus after the Sermoning of Paul and Paul considered him a son, because Timothy followed the gospel with great precision.
Timothy was probably around 37 to 40 years old.
Paul wanted Timothy to share the gospel with other people, just as if he were speaking the words of the Lord to him. Not only winning from people for Christ, but preparing as workers who are able to teach the word of the Lord. He had to train teachers in the Word. The goal was that when Paul died, Timothy would go on and when Timothy died, others would go on. The growth and continuation of the church until the coming of Christ.

Verses 3-6 Therefore suffer with me the tortured and tortured as a good soldier for Jesus..
Paul compares the believer's life as a soldier. The life of a soldier is very difficult. A soldier lives in a war. Constantly under enemy attacks, fires and bombs. Without rest. You must be prepared for a rough attack. You must be the one who attacks and wins. So fight the devil. In Jesus Christ we are sure of victory because Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead. He conquered death and obtained the devil's victory. That is why our victory is certain. But like every war there are wounded and dead. This also applies in the war between the powers of darkness and Jesus Christ with his forces, the believers. A believer who fights in prayer and proclaims the gospel, the enemy Satan and proclaims darkness, will be attacked. This should not surprise the believer. Similarly, a soldier does not enter the battle without preparation, a believer does not enter without preparation.
He or she must first prepare well. With Bible studies, learning by adult believers, studying Bible comments, reading books about the powers of darkness, practicing the spiritual life, being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Let us compare the war and the gospel

The enemy invades the country and takes possession of it illegally. The devil is illegal on earth because when Jesus died on the Cross and rose from the dead, Jesus Christ won the earth and the devil lost the right to the earth. But he does not want to leave. That is why we must be believers conquer the earth and Sermon the gospel.First, during the war, the spies will spy the terrain and discover where the weaknesses and strengths are. Similarly, a believer must spy on the weak and strong points of the devil and the demons. First, the believer must study the Bible, read books about the darkness, Bible comments, and listen to the testimonies of other Christians about this struggle. With this one turns into a soldier for Jesus Christ.
After the espionage, the attack with artillery and aircraft bombs follows to weaken the enemy. So the believer uses the word of the Bible to weaken the position of the devil. Therefore, the believer must have profound Biblical wisdom, because the devil is a master of misrepresentation and speaking of half-truths. See what happened in Paradise and the temptations of Jesus after He was in the wilderness for 40 days.
The believer bombards heaven with prayers to God, so that God sends His angels against the demons and forces the heart of the unbeliever to prepare.
The attack finally follows. The soldiers are attacking. The believers, are the soldiers of Jesus Christ, go to the street to evangelize and win souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. The believer explains deeply why man is a sinner and why he needs salvation. What the consequences are if he or she does not accept Jesus Christ as Savior, an eternal life in the lake of fire. All this with a lot of love.
No soldier is tired during the campaign with the care of food and weapons.
A soldier cannot fight and concentrate on war if he or she also has to provide the food. If he or she has to provide the food themselves, he will certainly lose. Therefore, if believers decide to work for the Lord Jesus Christ, first provide a group of believers to support you in prayer and nourishment. Without this the fight is lost.
The general is the person who directs and orders where the soldier fights. Not you. There the Lord Jesus Christ is the General, it is He who determines the place in the body of Christ, the place of you in the war against darkness as a soldier for Jesus Christ. He has promised to take care of the needs of his soldiers.

BallerinaHe has (only) to satisfy him, by whom he has been recruited.
An athlete can be several people such as a runner, ballerina, lance launcher or boxer. Everyone must train the body and take care not to exceed the maximum weight. All muscles must be trained so that no injury occurs. If the weight is too high, the body cannot handle the weight and in that case the athlete will be disqualified.

Let us speak this verse 5 in depth. To illustrate my points, I wish to use the example of a boxer.
An athlete or boxer must train enormously before he or she enters the ring for the first time. Without preparation, he or she will be injured. He must train the entire body: the feet, the body, the arms and the head.
First the feet. If the boxer does not stand firmly on his feet, he falls to the ground at the first blow. In this way the athlete trains all body muscles to resist the blows of the enemy. The believer trains in the Word of God to stand when the devil attacks him. Ephesians 6, verses 11 and 12, speaks of putting on the whole armour of God so that you will be able to resist the trick of the devil. Because we have to fight the spiritual forces of evil.

BoxerLarge boxer against smallAfter the feet follows the body training that contains the most vulnerable organs: the heart, the kidneys, the stomach, the lungs. Or speaking with Ephesians 6 verses 13 to 16 girded their loins, their bodies, with truth and faith. The believer uses the Word of God which is truth and faith to guard against the attacks of darkness. The Bible speaks the truth that every person goes to hell without Jesus Christ. Without Jesus Christ he or she is lost, he or she is separated from God. And wait only eternal life after death in the lake of fire. A terrible place without end, forever. But for the one who accepts Jesus Christ as Saviour, the punishment is transferred to Jesus Christ and this person receives eternal life in Heaven. This is the truth and the faith. This is followed by the training of the poor. The believer will Sermon the gospel. He is dressed with the helmet to protect the head. Or speaking with Ephesians 6 verse 17: the helmet of salvation, which is the Word of God.
The first time the boxer enters the ring, he does not win.
He has to stand in the ring many times to gain experience. But one day he comes and wins. A big boxer soon beats a small boxer. The first time the believer Sermones the gospel, he does not win the unbeliever. Must repeat, often talk. Many prayers, but finally the unbeliever will be won and he or she will accept Jesus Christ as Saviour. Why? Because Jesus Christ promises victory!
But the believer must fight to get the crown!

PlowerThe plower or farmer must be the first to enjoy the fruits. A shifter's work is very tough. To obtain the fruits, he must first cultivate the earth. How?
First the oxen plow the earth and the rocks emerge from the earth. These stones are then removed manually. This work is repeated every year. It is a continuous process.
When a person accepts Jesus Christ as Saviour, he or she is happy. And the Holy Spirit will work, first He reveals the greatest sin in life. The believer must admit all impurities, such as reading horoscopes, lies, disobedience, searching for the occult, (sexual) abuses, adultery, incest, drug use, abortion, etc.
After the rocks and stones, the farmer removes the pebbles. The more the believer grows, the more the Holy Spirit reveals deeper sins. The believer must be faithful and confess so that he or she will continue to grow in faith and knowledge of the Word of God. That is why he or she must read the Bible and pray daily.

The more intensely the more the believer grows, the more he or she will be filled with the Holy Spirit, the fruits of the Holy Spirit will become more and more visible. As an example: he or she no longer drives through the red light, will obey the laws, pay taxes fairly, etc.
Just reading the Bible is not enough. You must take time to study, ask the Holy Spirit, that He reveals what has been written. Do a deep study of the Word, study within a Bible study group. Read Bible comments, read evangelical books, books about darkness, about spiritual battles, etc.
After plowing, sowing follows. The seeds go into the ground. The seed dies. Likewise, the believer dies of himself. He thinks less about himself and more and more about other people what they need: food, clothing, love. The farmer stays with hard work: he needs the water, protects against thorns and thorns until the harvest is finished. The believer must pray daily for unbelievers, government, pastors, teachers, missionaries, etc. The believer starts sowing, that is, Sermon the gospel. Work hard, fight against the devil and people.
The result is the harvest. People accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and the devil is losing ground.

Remember what I say because the Lord will give you insight into everything.
It is the Lord Jesus Christ who leads the war, He sends the believer. Jesus Christ determines for every believer a place in the body of Christ. One as pastor, one as teacher, one as teacher, one as prophet. Because it is the Lord who gives understanding in all things. He teaches every worker what he needs.
When the believer daily reads the Bible and prays, he is close to Jesus Christ and the Lord gives the words the believer needs when he speaks to an unbeliever. Unbelievers may have unforeseen questions, but the Holy Spirit has an answer to everything. The condition is that we prepare Bible studies and read books about evangelism. The pastor must read books on theology and pastoral reading.
And do not think about a luxurious life with comfortable houses. Paul suffered in prison, handcuffed like a criminal. But he had no problem with that, because the goal is that people are saved by the gospel and accept Jesus Christ as Saviour. Because the Word is true, Jesus Christ died at the Cross for our sins, He rose again on the third day. That is why the believer has certainty about eternal life after death on earth.
But there is one condition: we must train and persist. Just like the athlete, the soldier and the farmer, they persist until the end to achieve the crown and the harvest.
Here is the promise that we will reign with the Lord as king. If we deny, we will not reign with Jesus Christ.

PopeyeStudieBijbelPopeye must eat spinach to be strong, so the believer must eat

Let us be fighters and soldiers of our Lord Jesus Christ and attack the kingdom of the devil and win souls of unbelievers.

Verse 7 Pay attention to what I have written to you in my letters and to the congregations in Asia. Pay attention to the teaching of the other apostles. Study the Old Testament and compare text with text. Pray for wisdom, James 1: 5. It is the Holy Spirit who gives the explanation of the Bible. He provides full insight into the meaning of the Bible text in its correct context.

Verse 8 Note the word change Jesus Christ while Christ Jesus is used in these letters. Here the emphasis is on the man Jesus who suffered on earth and died on the cross and conquered death, the Christ. Timothy should not be afraid of the persecutions and attacks in Ephesus. As a good soldier, he has to be prepared to withstand the attacks. Christ has conquered death. Should he die from persecution, has no fear, your life is in the hands of Jesus Christ who will raise you to eternal life. Jesus Christ is from the promised seed of David. Christ is now seated at the right hand of God in Heaven. If you persist in persecution, THEN you will also reign with Jesus Christ as king. It is not the persecutions of the emperor Nero that determine the course of the world, but the king of kings Jesus Christ, who rules from Heaven for eternity. Therefore, do not be discouraged by the persecution and by false teachers.
To my gospel a. Paul had received it directly from Christ Jesus (Galatians 1:12). b. Paul was appointed as a proclaimer, apostle and teacher. c. Despite facing death and in prison, he continues to Sermon the gospel.

Verse 9 Paul's life in the dark dungeon was heavy, chained to a soldier, who also limited his movements in his sleep. Innocently humiliated as a criminal, as a person who harms people. Like Jesus among the criminals, hung innocently as a criminal at the cross. Although I am wearing fetters, the Word of God is not fettered, and I can freely proclaim it. The government cannot prevent me from doing so.

Verse 10 Paul endures all temptations and is enthralled for the well-being of the gospel Sermoning without complaining. Why? Because of the elect, those who receive the gospel to participate in eternal life in Christ Jesus. The goal is not just the remission of sins, but a new life with a sinless body for eternity in Heaven. That is why Paul tolerates everything.

Verses 11-12 God's Word is reliable, whatever God promises, He will do. But there are four conditions.

  1. If the believer believes that Jesus Christ died for his or her sins, he or she will also receive forgiveness of sins. Being free from God's wrath and receiving eternal life. This belief is a permanent thing, a persistent belief until death on earth. Jesus died for sin and fulfilled the law. Likewise, the believer has to die from his worldly life (we have died with him) and live as a born-again free from worldly desires. See Romans 6.
  2. If the believer endures (until his or her death) in the faith in Jesus Christ and puts his or her life under the control of God's Will (that is living to the honour and glory of God), then he or she will reign as king in the future. That is having a lively relationship with Christ Jesus until death on earth. A life of reading the Bible, Bible study, of prayer, loving the neighbour, in short, a life as God the Father desires.
  3. If we deny him, he also will deny us. See Mat. 7: 22-23, 25:12 and 10:33. If the believer does not persist in faith, not live to the glory of God, continues to living in the world, then he or she loses life in Heaven. Denying means being faithless, unfaithful. Being not faithful in giving your life to Jesus, being unfaithful to be born again, being unfaithful of repenting your sinful and worldly life.
  4. If we are faithless, He remains faithful. Jesus keeps Himself to His promises. God the Father forgives sins IF man believes. If the person/believer proceeds to deny, that is, returns to a life in the world, then he or she denies his faith. Then returns to be an unbeliever, if there is no new recognition before his or her death, then God the Father keeps His Word, and he or she remains under judgment and will (possibly, I am careful with that, but let it be a serious warning) lead to the lake of fire.

False teachers

Verse 14 Keep reminding this to the church members and to every worker in the service of Christ Jesus. It is a serious matter of eternity. It is not a temporary thing of an earthly life. If the worker or believer does not take these matters seriously, then he plays with eternal life. It is your charge before the Lord. One should not argue about other doctrine/explanations, fables and genealogies (1 Tim. 1: 3-4), that is useless and a waste of time. Yes it only leads to destruction and waste of believers. Do not enter into and engage in discussion with such believers.

Verse 15 Timothy must take his charge seriously, so that he does not have to be ashamed of himself on the day he appears before the judgment seat of Christ. His service is for God, not for people who mock him, and he shall not engage in false teachers who pervert the Word of God. He has to be straight in his Sermoning and teaching. And do not let anyone fool you. No liberal proclamation. But a proclamation and teaching as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Verses 16-18 The Sermoning and teaching require correctness and everyone who goes astray has to be rejected and dismissed. There shall be no conflict within the church that causes the believer to lose sight of the Truth and worse to lose their faith and their eternal life. False teachers, including Hymenaeus and Philetus, have made the gospel a godless chatter, namely through their claim that the resurrection from the dead has already taken place for believers. They have lost track of it. As a result, godlessness increases as a cancerous tumor (gangrene). Their false interpretations and claims invade like a cancer in the human body. Eat the human and lead to death. Their assertions eat believers, causing these believers to lose eternal life and to death in the lake of fire.
Today the proclamation of the spiritual resurrection takes place in churches and the physical resurrection is denied. While the Bible clearly teaches that at the first Coming of Christ, the believers who have already died and those still alive receive a new sinless eternal body. A body similar to the resurrection body of Christ after His resurrection from the dead. And how can the believer rule as a royal priest with a spiritual body? To rule, the believer needs a body. Jesus ate bread and fish after His resurrection, clearly is a body and not a spirit.
What made everything more serious was that Hymenaeus and Philetus claimed to be Christians. Yes even experts and masters. However, they were similar to the Pharisees: desiring to be teachers of the law, without understanding either what they are saying or the things about which they make assertions (1 Tim. 1:7). They distorted both the Law of Moses and the teaching of Paul. The result was that some people followed up and lost faith.

Verse 19 False prophets and those who pervert the Word of God will deceive many and the contempt of the law will increase (Mat. 24:11-12). For not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel, and not all are children of Abraham because they are his descendants; but "Through Isaac shall your descendants be named." This means that it is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise are reckoned as descendants. (Rom. 9:6-8). The Lord God knows what lives in the heart of every believer. If that is sincere and the believer does not live in the flesh, but in the spirit, then he or she belongs to the Lord. For he or she has broken with the world, broken with iniquity.
The solid foundation is the foundation of Christ (1 Cor. 3:10) on which the believer may or may not build. It is the church of all true believers who live according to God's Will. The true believers who do not listen to false teachers and false prophets.
The revolt of Kohath, Dathan and Abiram (Numbers 16) against the leadership of Moses is an example of the revolt of Hymenaeus and Philetus against the teachings of Paul. Kohath, Dathan and Abiram and their followers were punished by God and the ground opened his mouth and they disappeared alive into Sheol. Let this be a lesson for false teachers and their followers.

Verse 20 The church can be compared to a great house. In a great house one finds many objects, including gold and silver, which one does not find in a small house. Gold and silver radiate the wealth, that is, the workers of God who Sermon and teach the gospel truthfully. The other objects each have their own purpose within the house, some clearly visible, others invisible. But each of them is indispensable. Just as there are many members of the body of Christ, each of whom has to take his or her own place, because otherwise the body will not function properly.

Verse 21 If the believer lives to the honour and glory of God, dedicates his life to doing the Will of God, observes God's commandments daily, puts his or her life under the control of the Holy Spirit (purifying oneself), then he or she is an object of honourable destiny, consecrated and usable for the master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Ready for any task that the Lord instructs him or her.

Verse 22 The way to live pure is to reject evil and hunt for good and to do what is good (i.e., what the law and ten commandments teach). What are the youthful passions? 1. Enjoyment of food and drink, of sex. 2. Power to rule, to be dominant, to place oneself in the foreground. 3. Property of wealth, of a great house, of a car. At the first temptation of Jesus, turning stones into bread. At the second temptation to throw Himself from the temple. In the third temptation, accepting the world from and worshiping satan. It is all three things that play a part in a youthful passions (being a young Christian), while in old age these things no longer have a priority (the mature Christian) who dedicates his or her life to Christ. Paul calls upon Timothy to persevere in Timothy's way of life in order to keep aloof from these things and to continue on the right path of a. righteousness a heart and mind focused on the prescriptions of God's law, b. faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, c. love for the neighbour both for brothers and sisters, but inclusive for the enemy, d. to live in peace with those who serve the Lord Jesus Christ with a perfect heart.
Aim at. Being tireless in doing, like a good soldier (can) never rest. It is a continuous thing. See commentary on the verses 3-6.

Verses 23-26 These three verses form a unity. A servant of God must keep aloof from stupid and senseless controversies that provoke breed quarrels. The purpose of the questions is not to be answered, but an endless and meaningless discussion that leads to ruin and defeat. It leads to contention and division within the church. The servant (Timothy) has to follow the example of Jesus, namely teach with authority and with patience. Jesus patiently and repeatingly used many parabolas to teach the gospel and kingdom of God. Used examples from daily life which includes the Christian life. Jesus did not shout, did not speak loudly. Unlike today in the churches with loud amplifiers and screams. He must be friendly that is not irritated, intolerant, sarcastic, contemptuous. He must try to win everyone for a repentant life over sin and a life to the honour of God. Gentleness is needed to provide education and advice. But gentleness does not exclude reprimand and punishment. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees with seven WOEs.
The purpose of all this is that the foolish and combative with unwise questions come to the recognition of truth. A grace given to them by God to set them free from the power of satan, from the snare of the devil. It is the devil's snare to seek mercy in senseless fables and genealogy without the acknowledgment of sin and the need for redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ. It is the snare of a spiritual resurrection and not a physical resurrection. It is the snare of liberal gospel proclamation. Only God's grace can open their eyes.

2 Ti-mô-thê 3 Hình vẽ các giáo sư giả

Verse 1 Times of stress will come in the last days. Already in Ephesus, Timothy experienced heavy resistance (persecution) and contradiction by the false teachers. Such as the beginning of a hurricane, weak in the beginning and increasing in strength to a destructive force that destroys everything. In the time of Timothy it started, and now two centuries later, increasing violently with attacks by Muslims, a persecution of Christians who are against homosexuality, the introduction of gênero (no distinction between male and female), until the greatest time of stress among the Anti -Crist during the seven years of Great Tribulation.

Verses 2-5 The enumeration of the people of verse 1 and their selfish behaviour. A person who only has his own interest in mind, who walks over corpses. Completely disobeying the parents and God. Focus on his or her well-being even if this is at the expense of others. Who will betray even others, such as in the Second World War, to benefit from it. Which will repeat itself in the Great Tribulation. In this century, we see the love for the world, lust of wild parties, wealth, free sex, also by Christians. Their love is not to live to the glory of God, but purely a pleasure of their own. It is an appearance of being a Christian, but their heart is focused on the worldly. They deny the cross of Jesus Christ, deny their Christianity, keeping Christian values ​​and norms at a distance, their end will therefore be the lake of fire.
They surrender themselves to their own will. Give their bodies incisions, piercing and tattoo, thereby denying that they are created in the image of God. Surrender their bodies to sexual intercourse with children, same-sex, with animals. Although this will be tolerated by some churches now and in the future, do not fall into this snare of the devil.
Paul warns of these snares of the devil, and commands the true believer to keep a distance (Avoid such people). Do not argue, but avoid these false Christians. Do not fall into the snare of these types of false teachers who proclaim this tolerance. Keep your distance, do not visit these types of churches.

Verses 6-7 Satan began to seduce Eve with the woman, knowing that the man would follow in the snare. A similar method is described here. The false teachers enter the houses when the man is not at home. They begin to Sermon their doctrines, and some weak women may drag their men and families into the doctrine.
Possibly aware of the consequence of sin, but not ashamed and persist in doing the sins and things that God has forbidden. Indulging in their own desires and will. God is love. Jesus Christ died for sin, so I receive forgiveness for all my sins. Thereby denying their faith.
The false teachers will go from house to house (who make their way into households), convince governments with their false teachings, and some governments (Canada, Sweden) have already passed laws leading to imprisonment of Christians proclaiming the truth of the Bible. Or the parents are evicted from their parental authority and their children taken from them. We clearly live in the end of times, the coming of the Great Tribulation and Anti-Christ. These teachers will never arrive at a knowledge of the truth of the Bible.

Verse 8 According to Jewish history, Jannes and Jambres were brothers, who resisted the brother-couple Mozes and Aaron. The leaders of the Egyptian wizards and scholars. With their miracles they imitated the first miracles of Moses. After the third plague, the plague of mosquitoes or lice, when it came to life, the magicians had to admit that it was the finger of God.

Exodus 7:10-14

According to Jewish tradition, Jannes and Jambres went along with the Exodus from Egypt and encouraged the Israeli people to make and worship the Golden Calf. In the Great Tribulation too, the Beast (Revelation 13) will mislead many with great signs. The Beast will satisfy himself as being God. Many will worship the Beast (compare the Golden Calf). Compare the Israelites, the believing people of God, who started to worship the Golden Calf, according to the tradition established by Jannes and Jambres. In the Great Tribulation, the Beast will seduce many, except whose name is written in the Book of Life (Rev. 13:13), the Christians left behind in the Rapture of the Church?
Let it be a lesson and warning in the time that remains until the first Coming of Christ, the Rapture of the Church. Keep a distance from churches that do not bring the Word of God purely, but with tolerance, that is not of our time, this no longer applies to our time, that is not stated in the original text. Churches that proclaim wealth as a blessing from God. While Jesus clearly said to follow in his footsteps of austerity and oppression.

Verse 9 The enemies of faith will increase in their doctrine, they will invade the churches like a cancer and devour believers. It seems that they succeed in their goal and will eat the whole church. It is God's test of true faith, the test of choice to choose God and keep His commandments (and go with the Rapture of the Church, the wise virgins). Then choose easy worldly life and stay behind with the Rapture of the Church (the foolish virgins). The believer full of the Holy Spirit will see through the false teachings and will not be seduced.

Verses 10-11 Paul praises Timothy for paying full attention to Paul's teaching and walking in the example of Jesus and Paul. A walk in faith, long-suffering, love, perseverance, enduring persecution and suffering. Paul has been the model in everything as an example, Timothy has copied this. Similarly, today's Christians must imitate, copy, and show the example of Jesus and Paul to the world.
My teaching, the teaching of Paul, the letters of Paul, as he communicates what he has received from Christ Jesus.
My conduct, practicing education. Not a hearing of education and failure to put it into practice. But an active exercise of the Will of God.
My aim in life. Paul has in mind the salvation of the unbeliever and the teaching as given to him by Christ Jesus. His purpose is to proclaim the Truth and not a false doctrine. His goal is to be an example. During his first missionary journey they had tried to stone him. Nevertheless, he visited the congregation again during his second missionary journey. The goal is to be salvation, education and example. Jesus taught His disciples, proclaiming repentance of sin and salvation. Gave His life at the Cross. He died for the sins of man.
Faith is a perseverance until the Rapture of the Church. A daily practice of faith. Not just on Sundays, but a daily life of Bible reading and prayer. A daily confession of being a Christian and living a Christian life.
Steadfastness, a persistence in witnessing to be a follower of Jesus, despite all the persecutions, tortures and attacks of false teachers.
To express love to God, to love the neighbour, including the enemy, such as the good Samaritan.
Persecution and suffering, see 2 Cor. 11: 24-28. Some of whom Timothy was known for being present and hearing from Antioch, Iconium, and Lystra (Timothy's hometown).
But Paul was saved from all persecutions through Christ Jesus. His suffering had a purpose and his task was not yet accomplished. It is possible that his task would end here in the prison in Rome and that his death would soon come. His task may have been accomplished and now passed on to Timothy.

Verse 12 All who devote their lives to Christ Jesus, who live under the control of the Holy Spirit, who live to the honour and glory of Jesus, they will all be persecuted. By people, by false teachers, by the devil and demons. That does not have to alienate the true believer. It is the statement of Jesus (John 15:18-21).

Verse 13 The evil people and impostors are described in verses 2-9. It will go from bad to worse. Their behaviour will only increase in doing evil, persecution and deception. Let the believer be steadfast and not be seduced.

Utility of the Holy Scriptures, Old and New Testament

Verses 14-15 Learned and firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned. Initially from his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice. It was the task of Jewish parents to teach the Holy Scriptures to their children through teaching and memorizing Bible texts, Deut. 6: 4-9.

It was God's command to teach the Holy Scriptures (complete Old Testament as we know it) to the children at home, day and night (when you sit in your house) and walk by the way. The Levites and priests (Jesus stayed behind at Easter, asking the priests questions) also taught the people. Holy Scripture was also at the doorposts of the house and the gates of the city.
That is why Timothy had received a good basis from his Jewish grandmother and mother. During the first missionary journey, the apostle Paul had visited Lystra, and he and his grandmother had come to believe in Christ Jesus. From that moment on, they had grown under the guidance of Paul and the Holy Spirit and had remained faithful in word and deed to Paul's teaching.

Verses 16-17 The Bible is inspired by God, given to man under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. That is why it is useful to teach, because only God knows what is good (and bad) for people. That is why it is useful to reflect on and practice God's Word several times a day. It is for the improvement of man, to abide by the law (including the 10 Commandments). To educate the children daily, to teach them, and to keep God's commandments.
The current Bible for the Christian consists of the Old and New Testament, 66 books, as determined by the Counsel of Hippo, 393 AD.
Teaching, educate and memorize.
To reproof and correction, refute half-truths and error teaching with the help of Bible texts.
For training in righteousness, the teacher must train students in daily Bible reading, prayer, and exercise God's commandments, norms and values ​​in daily life.
Why? That man may live wholly to God's honour and glory, to the good pleasure of God, his Creator. To equip for every good work, see Mat. 25: 31-46, the Sermoning of the Gospel.

2 Ti-mô-thê 4 Hãy rao giảng Lời Chúa

Verse 1 Chapter 3 was a call from Paul to endure persecution and resistance to the Truth. Chapter 4 is an emphatic appeal to punish the false teachings and apostasy of the Truth and to proclaim the Truth despite all contradictions.
In the possibility of Paul's early death, he urgently appeals to Timothy to continue to proclaim the Truth. How much this applies in our time when the values and norms of the Bible are being attacked. The pastors and believing parents must not shrink but must continue to respect and Sermon the commandments of God, despite the possibility of being attacked and even imprisoned. Timothy, the pastor and parent, have no other choice, it is Christ Jesus who will judge the living (believers) and the dead (unbelievers Rev. 20: 11-15). If the Christian worker or parent forsakes his duties, then the judgment will follow before the judgment seat of Christ, see Cor. 3:10-16.
No one will escape, the appearance of Christ is a certainty. First the rapture of the wise virgins at the first Coming of Christ. Then the appearance of Jesus to the entire world population at His Second Coming, after which Christ Jesus will reign as King for 1000 years and then the final judgment follows (Revelation 20).

Verse 2 How should this Truth be proclaimed?

  1. Trumpet (Sermon) the Word, Sermon the Old and New Testament. Shout loudly from the rooftops, use all propaganda options, pamphlets, door-to-door visits, internet, television, radio, on the street and in the churches and Bible studies. Examples are Noah, God is going to destroy the earth through a flood. Jonah, Nineveh will be destroyed within 40 days. John the Baptist, repent and remorse.
  2. Be urgent in season and out of season, convine. Welcome or not welcome, whether one wants to listen or not, proclaims the Truth. Whether man or government wishes to listen or not, continue to insist on the Gospel and the laws of God.
  3. Rebuke sinners who believe that good works and/or meditation (yoga) lead to heaven. Man is a sinner, the Only Way to Heaven is repentance, acknowledgment of being a sinner and accepting Christ Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Rebuke false teachings with Bible texts. Rebuke worldly life, tattoo, sex before marriage, homosexuality, etc.
  4. Exhort, punish the believer who violates biblical norms and values. Punish the false doctrines, do not tolerate it, punish those who do not wish to listen and persist in their sins.
  5. Be unfailing in patience and in teaching. Sinners must be encouraged with the good message of the Gospel that remission of sins is possible through Christ Jesus and victory over sins through the power of the Holy Spirit. Believers should be encouraged that persecution and possible death only concern the body, but that they will have eternal life in Heaven. Jesus went the way to death at the cross.
    Teaching with Bible texts, with examples from daily life, through actions, by being an example in keeping the Bible commandments.

Verses 3-4 Because there will come a time. Well that time has come in our century, we know that the Great Tribulation is near, where everything will increase even worse. How long? Personally, I estimate the time (2019) for another 3-10 years until the Great Tribulation begins. In our decades, it is abundantly clear that human beings no longer tolerate sound doctrine (free sex, same sex, with children, with animals) disregard of the laws of God and governments, no respect for traffic rules, disobedience of children to their parents, the free education of children of everything is allowed. Their own desire prevails. Their audience turns away from the Truth, the Bible. Resist being a sinner, resisting the existence of God with His laws. Their hearing turns away that God means good to man. Man follows satan and adores satan and demons (satanism).

Verse 5 Stay sober, calm, steadfast and wise under all circumstances. Do not be persuaded by persecutions and errors. Accept the suffering as a good soldier of Christ all torture and mockery. Keep proclaiming the Word in all fervour in all truth. Trumpet the Gospel. Perform all your duties as an evangelist and teacher.

Verse 6 Paul has almost finished the battle, his death is near. His defence for the emperor Nero is imminent, possibly with a death penalty. In the Old Testament the sacrifice (Paul sees himself as a libation) was made with the help of oil as a sweet odour for the Lord, Numbers 15:3-10:

Verse 7 A better translation is: The good fight I have fought, my race I have finished, my faith I have kept. The emphasis is not on I. Paul completed the good fight as a good soldier, as a good camp fighter, as a good runner (in the race). In spite of all persecutions, hunger and thirst, five times the forty lashes less one, shipwrecks (2 Cor. 11: 24-28), he has retained his faith in Christ Jesus.

Verse 8 Here Paul writes about receiving the crown of righteousness received because of maintaining faith and having fought the good fight. See the following Bible texts for all the wreaths.

On that Day, probably after the Rapture of the Church, when the believer appears before the judgment seat of Christ and everyone is judged and whether or not he receives a reward, 1 Cor. 3:11-16.
Jesus Christ is the righteous judge, He judges without regard of the person. Not like some corrupt earthly judges, who are bribed, give another punishment for higher education or prestige.
It not only applies to the apostle Paul, but the crowns are valid for every individual believer who meets the conditions.


Verses 9-11 Paul feels his death approaching and wishes to see Timothy, his child in Christ, again, hence the request to come soon (before the winter). Demas has more love for the world, and how many believers do not have this, had abandoned Paul and had left for Thessalonica, possibly because he could live a good worldly life there. Crescens had also left Paul and left for Galatia, possibly present-day France, possibly to Sermon the gospel there. Only the doctor Luke was still present. Paul requests that Mark, the son of Peter, who may have stayed in Jerusalem, be brought along. 1 Peter 5:13 may indicate that Mark was together with Peter in Rome and therefore Mark was acquainted by the city Rome.

Verses 12-13 Tychicus was sent by Paul to Ephesus, possibly with letters (to Timothy) from Paul. Possibly as a replacement for Timothy if he leaves Ephesus to visit him in Rome.
The cloak (paenula) was a coarse woollen clothing that offered good protection against cold and rain, but had no sleeves. Paul needed that in his damp and cold dungeon. Troas was not far from Ephesus, so this detour did not complicate the journey of Timothy.
The books were probably papyrus rolls and the parchments were sheep, lamb, goats or calf skins suitable for writing. The books were possibly the Old Testament. The parchments needed to write his letters.

Verses 14-15 Alexander was a common name, so we cannot bind him to the other Alexanders mentioned in other letters. Here Paul specifies him as the coppersmith, who may have testified against him in Rome. Although Jesus says to pray for our enemies, Paul writes here that the Lord Jesus Christ rewards him for the evil he has inflicted on Paul. Let us not forget that the Lord is the righteous judge.
Be on your guard when you come to Rome, Alexander is your enemy. He might have worked with the persecution of Christians and brought a false gospel.

Verses 16-18 There may have been several lawsuits. Paul writes here in my first defence no one has assisted me in his defence. They all abandoned him, possibly out of fear of being caught themselves and of being sentenced to death. But Paul understands them and forgives them. Because he has greatly experienced the presence of the Lord. Possibly the Holy Spirit has given him all the necessary words for his defence. Unfortunately, this testimony is missing. We only have the defences for Felix (Acts 24) and Festus (Acts 25). Why this defence is not given by Paul is a mystery. Because Paul had used all his parchments? And did Timothy arrive in Rome too late and the death penalty for Paul had already been executed? Because Luke was not present at the defence and could not write in writing?
The proclamation has come to its right and all the Gentiles have been able to hear her. The Holy Spirit has Sermoned the gospel in the courtroom through Paul. Everyone in the courtroom was given the opportunity to come to faith in Christ Jesus as Saviour and Lord.
So I was rescued from the lion's mouth. Most comments do not take this as literal. I personally see no reason why this should not be taken literally. Possibly he was sentenced to death after his defence through the fight with the lions. Since Paul, like Samson, David and Daniel the lions could not have killed him, he was back in prison. Awaiting another death penalty? Possibly performed before Timothy could visit him?
The Lord will protect him from every evil, such as Alexander, and bring him safely to His heavenly Kingdom at His time.

Verses 19-22 A final greeting. I left Trophimus sick in Miletus, just 36 miles (52 km) from his home in Ephesus. We do not know why the Lord did not heal him. It is God's Sovereignty to heal or not. Again the request to come for the winter. Paul needed his cloak. During the winter (October-April), shipping stopped, and perhaps Paul knew that his death was near, he would no longer see his beloved child.